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Social Responsibility

  • 2018


" Like the Roma in Europe, Doms are descendants of traveling musicians who migrated from India centuries ago. Domes living in Syria were scattered
before the war. Some lived in tents in villages along the coast, while others lived in slums in cities like Aleppo. Many worked either as workers or in the entertainment industry. "Support to life was not given to them, because they are Roma, they can be exploited mostly by Turks and Syrians," said
Elif Gündüzyeli, director of life support. Gündüzyeli and her team visited a camping area in Viranşehir Dom in February. In the phone call,
she said: “They set up their tents in deserted places. Nobody cares about what they eat, drink, and access to benefits. Children walk around in
open slippers. They urgently need winter clothes, hygienic products and carpets."

" We visited the people of Gaziantep for the participation of women and young Rom, Dom, Lom and Abdallar in the civil society organized within the scope of Zero Discrimination Association's "Monitoring and Advocacy of Roma Integration - 2020 Project". The Discrimination Association managed to receive grants within the capacity building fund thanks to Rom, Dom, Lom and Abdal associations, which will work for the development of Roma advocacy."